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Looking for a healthy and tasty lunch spot in Valencia? If yes, Federal will be a good option. It’s located on a cute square in the centre of the city.

Poplar spot in the centre of Valencia

Mostly it’s hard to find a free table at the popular place called Federal. It’s filled with locals and foreigners. Many people take their laptops, and so do I. With a nice cup of coffee and sometimes a small piece of cake I am perfect. But I also like to come for lunch. On the menu you can find sandwiches, salads, hamburgers and bites to share.

A cute square

Federal Café is located on a cute square in the center of the city, Placa de Rodrigo Botet. With a fountain in the middle, beautiful trees and some terraces, this square exudes a lot of charm. Just for this you should come to Federal.
The popular café has several branches in Spain and since 2016 they also have one in Valencia. I think it’s great, because the food is very good!

My favorites

My favorite sandwich at Federal is: ‘rye bread with advocado, coriander, lime, cashew nut and pumpkin seeds’. Optionally you can get a poached egg with it. It is my favorite, because this sandwich is not only tasty, it’s also healthy! Furthermore I often order the quinoa salad with beetroot, carrot, fennel, almonds, feta, sumac and a turmeric-yoghurt dressing. Also very tasty and healthy!

Federal is accessible to every public, for all tastes, those who don’t want to eat a lot, those who want to eat a lot, the vegetarian and so on. You can eat good and healthy and the place is located on a nice square. What do you want more?

P.S. Do you want to take your laptop with you to Federal? Make sure this is not in the weekend, because often the wifi is not optimal.

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Love, Sofie

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